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We specialize in providing high quality yacht cleaning, maintenance and upkeep services. Our team of professionals is ready to make your yacht perfectly clean and shiny.

Our services

Our services are the art and science of uncompromising care for your yacht. We don't just clean, we create a true experience of impeccable aesthetics and service levels.

Standard Cleaning YachtCleanPro Company:

Surface Cleaning:

We thoroughly clean all surfaces on your yacht, including decks, saloons, cabins and bathrooms. Our specialists pay attention to even the smallest details.

Floor Cleaning:

We ensure that floors are not only clean but also safe to walk on. We use specialized products to maintain shine and protect surfaces.

Dust, Sand Removal:

In the marine environment, the accumulation of dust and sand cannot be avoided. We remove them, preventing surface wear, ensuring freshness.

Plumbing Cleaning:

Bathrooms and sanitary facilities receive special attention. We disinfect and clean sanitary ware, ensuring impeccable hygiene conditions.

Furniture Cleaning:

Upholstered furniture and other interior items are also subject to contamination. We carry out a thorough cleaning, keeping comfort and style on board.

Support the yacht

Our team of professionals pay special attention to every detail so that you can enjoy cleanliness and comfort on board after every sail.

Deep Cleaning:

Our deep cleaning services give your yacht a new lease of life by removing even the toughest stains and dirt. We understand that over time, even the most meticulously cared for yachts can require extensive maintenance to restore their original appearance.

What does deep cleaning include YachtCleanPro Company:

Careful Surface Finishing:

Our experienced craftsmen use specialized tools and techniques to meticulously finish every surface on your yacht. We remove traces of salt, oxidation, algae and other accumulated contaminants.

Removing Stubborn Stains:

We have the knowledge and experience to tackle even the most stubborn stains. From paint stains to rust, we use specialized techniques to restore your yacht to its incredible look.

Refreshing and Protective Coating:

After deep cleaning, we apply a protective coating that helps protect surfaces from future dirt and keep them shiny for a long time.

Polishing, Protective Coating:

Our polishing and protective coating services are designed to give your yacht not only an instant shine, but also long-term protection from external factors. We understand that the brilliance and elegance of your yacht is not just beauty, but also an investment in its future.

What includes polishing and protective coating YachtCleanPro Company:

Careful Surface Preparation:

The process begins with careful surface preparation. We remove minor scratches, oxidation and other imperfections so surfaces are ready for polishing and protective applications.

Professional Polishing:

Our experts use advanced polishing techniques to restore the natural shine of surfaces. The result is a smooth, bright and shimmering surface. Coating adds shine.

Application of Protective Coatings:

We apply high quality protective coatings that create a barrier from the environment. This protects your yacht from the effects of salt, sun, algae.



Cabin cleaning


Upholstered furniture cleaning


Surface treatment

Equipment service YachtCleanPro Company

What does equipment maintenance include:

We offer a comprehensive service for the systems on your yacht to keep it running smoothly and safely during your sailing adventures. Our services include thorough inspection and maintenance of a variety of systems including plumbing, electrical and more.


We carry out detailed inspections of plumbing systems, including piping, pumps, water heaters and other components. We provide serviceability of systems of water supply and sewerage.


Our experts service electrical systems including lighting, electrical appliances, generators and batteries. We guarantee the safety and reliability of electrical equipment.

Mechanical Systems:

Maintenance of mechanical systems such as motors, drives, anchor systems and other machinery. Our goal is to ensure the reliable operation of all mechanical components.


Our mission

Our yacht cleaning services are designed to provide yacht owners with comfort, enjoyment and a worry-free journey. We strive for excellence in the maintenance of yachts and the preservation of their beauty for years to come.




I thank the company for their professional service. Specialists carried out a thorough inspection and maintenance of plumbing and electrics. Now I can be confident in the reliability of all systems on my yacht. I recommend to all yacht owners!


The polishing and protective coating from YachtCleanPro Company exceeded my expectations. The surfaces shine with brilliance and I am sure they are well protected from dirt. It gave my yacht a whole new look and shine. Many thanks for the professionalism of the staff!


Stain and odor removal is exactly what I needed for my yacht. Specialists coped with stains and unpleasant odors as easily as if it were magic. Now our vacation on board has become even more enjoyable. Very satisfied with the work of the staff. Thank you very much!

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